Suzhou Supermax Smart System Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise mainly research two-dimension code equipment and machine vision detection equipment. Our R&D team in December 2011 as a comprehensive scoring gained the title of Suzhou Wujiang Science and Technology Talents, and received government funding for 2.5 million. From 2013 to 2015, our company have obtained joint investment in succession from Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University's investment company, Suzhou Huachuang Win Investment Company, Wujiang Dongyun SDIC and Suzhou Shunrong. In 2014, our company won High and New Technology Enterprise honorary certificate issued by the provincial department of science. Currently we have 6 product series, 8100 Handheld two-dimensional image scanning series, 5100 Handheld two-dimensional image scanning series, 3100 two-dimensional image scanning module series, 4100 Fixed two-dimensional image scanning series, SuperMax7100 Fixed Phone code reader , and SuperMax2200 with highly cost-effective 2d barcode scanner. Through many years of accumulation of research and development. Suzhou Supermax Smart System Co., LTD. has formed its own core technology. At present we have a patent for invention 22 (into real trial stage, of 4 the authorized invention patents ), 8 (authorization) on the patent for utility model, 2 software copyright , achieve RoHS, IP54, CE, FCC, Explosion-proof Testing and other related certification.

From May 2013, our first generation product , SuperMax 8100 Handheld series, have successfully entered into the ASUS, Samsung, Quanta, Chicony, Delta, Gree, Midea and other large factories, thus 8100 series ,2d scanning equipment become China's first domestic brand serving in the manufacturing . In 2014, our 3110 ,2d scanning engine, successful enter into Taiwan and South Korea market. In 2015, our products have won the bid for Inner Mongolia drug safety project, Zhejiang Unicom project, Guangzhou LPG stations explosion-proof 2d barcode scanner project. Now we own 2000 square meters workshop used in research and development and production, the production capacity of 2d barcode scanners is around 8000-10000 pieces a month.

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